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Table 1 Tomato mutant's phenotypic catalogue

From: Computer aided data acquisition tool for high-throughput phenotyping of plant populations

No. Major Category Sub-Category No. Major Category Sub-Category
1 Seed Germination 7 Inflorescence Normal
   Seedling Lethality    Abnormal
   Slow Germination 8 Flower Morphology Flower Homeotic Mutation
2 Plant Size Extremely Small    Flower Organ Size
   Small Plant    Flower Organ Width
   Large Plant    Other Flower Morphology
3 Plant Habit Inter-node Length 9 Flower Color White Flower
   Branching    Pale Yellow Flower
   Aborted Growth    Strong Yellow Flower
   Other Plant Habit 10 Fruit Size Small Fruit
4 Leaf Morphology Leaf Width    Medium Fruit
   Leaf Size    Large Fruit
   Leaf Complexity 11 Fruit Morphology Long Fruit
   Leaf Texture    Rounded Fruit
5 Leaf Color Purple Leaf 12 Fruit Color Yellow Fruit
   White Leaf    Orange Fruit
   Yellow Leaf    Dark Red Fruit
   Yellow-Green Leaf    Dark Green Fruit
   Dull Green/Gray Leaf    Green Fruit
   Dark Green Leaf 13 Fruit Ripening Early Ripening
   Variegation    Late Ripening
6 Flowering Early Flowering 14 Sterility Partial Sterility
   Normal Flowering    Full Sterility
   Late Flowering 15 Disease and Stress Response Necrosis