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Table 3 Summary of the average transformation efficiencies obtained for the six experiments, three constructs and two timings of Agrobacterium inoculation using the improved protocol.

From: High-throughput Agrobacterium-mediated barley transformation

   Average transformation efficiency
Experiments: A 27.1%
  B 25.7%
  C 25.3%
  D 19.6%
  E 20.0%
  F 28.0%
Constructs: pBract216 21.5%
  pBract215 27.3%
  pBract217 25.4%
Timing of inoculation: DA 26.1%
  SD 24.0%
  1. DA = day after (embryos inoculated the day after isolation); SD = same day (embryos isolated and inoculated on the same day).