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Table 4 Summary of SSR primer screening based on laboratory PCR amplification

From: Genome-wide identification of microsatellites in white clover (Trifolium repens L.) using FIASCO and phpSSRMiner

Total primers tested Perfect SSR primers Imperfect SSR primers Primers with amplicons Monomorphic primers Polymorphic primers Polymorphic perfect SSR primers Polymorphic imperfect SSR primers
191 63 128 176 (92%a) 60 (31%b) 116 (66%b) 47 (75%c) 69 (54%c)
  1. a percentage of designed primers with PCR amplification products
  2. b percentage of primers with amplicons in GA43, SRVR, and six F1 progeny
  3. c percentage of polymorphic primers within the perfect and imperfect groups