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Table 1 Average pairwise percent of polymorphic markers between accessions belonging to the five rice subpopulations. The percent of polymorphic markers is calculated using four accessions per sub-population.

From: Development and evaluation of a high-throughput, low-cost genotyping platform based on oligonucleotide microarrays in rice

Cross Mean Polymorphism
Temperate Japonica X Temperate Japonica 10.4%
Temperate Japonica X Tropical Japonica 20.1%
Temperate Japonica X Aromatic 24.7%
Temperate Japonica X Aus 37.1%
Temperate Japonica X Indica 46.8%
Tropical Japonica X Tropical Japonica 16.3%
Tropical Japonica X Aromatic 23.3%
Tropical Japonica X Aus 31.8%
Tropical Japonica X Indica 40.2%
Aromatic X Aromatic 18.0%
Aromatic X Aus 29.8%
Aromatic X Indica 38.8%
Aus X Aus 18.0%
Aus X Indica 27.1%
Indica X Indica 25.6%