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Table 6 Comparison of different BR analytical methods

From: Improved methodology for assaying brassinosteroids in plant tissues using magnetic hydrophilic material for both extraction and derivatization

Pretreatment method Separation/detection Analyte LOD Amount of plant tissues Analysis time
LLE-MSPE-derivatization[9] LC-FLD 24-epiBL 0.12 ng 50 g More than 3 hours
SPE-ultrafiltration-SPE-derivatization[7] Online trapping-UPLC-MS/MS 28-epihomoBL 0.2 pg 400 mg 7 hours
MCX SPE-MAX SPE-derivatization[32] UPLC-MS/MS BL, CS, teasterone (TE), typhasterol (TY) 1.5-3.9 pg 1 g 1 day
On-line two-dimensional microscale SPE-on column derivatization-HPLC-MS/MS[30] On-line-HPLC-MS/MS 24-epiBL, 24-epiCS, 6-deoxo-24-epiCS,TE, TY 1.4-6.6 pg 225 mg 40 minutes
MSPE coupled with ISD (this work) UPLC-MS/MS 28-norBL, 28-norCS, 28-homoBL, BL, CS 0.1-0.3 pg 100 mg 1 hour