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Figure 3

From: Using monoclonal antibodies to label living root hairs: a novel tool for studying cell wall microarchitecture and dynamics in Arabidopsis

Figure 3

LM15 labeling of live cells of prp3, vti13, and prp3/vti13 double mutant seedlings. A and B: LM15 labels the hairs of the prp3 mutant. B is the DIC profile of A. Bars for A and B = 50 μm. C and D: LM15 does not label the root hairs of the vti13 mutant. D is the DIC profile of C. Bars for C and D = 100 μm. E and F: In the prp3/vti13 double mutant, LM15 labels the root hair (E, arrow). F is the DIC profile of E. Bars for E and F = 20 μm.

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