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Table 1 Summary on the time criteria of photosynthetic metabolite sampling

From: An integrated isotopic labeling and freeze sampling apparatus (ILSA) to support sampling leaf metabolomics at a centi-second scale

Symbol Description Value
\({{\varvec{\tau}}}_{{\varvec{p}}}\) Characteristic time of leaf photosynthesis 10 s
\({{\varvec{\tau}}}_{{\varvec{i}}}\) Time interval of sampling (theoretical upper limit) 5 s
\({{\varvec{\tau}}}_{{\varvec{s}}}\) Time of sampling (theoretical upper limit) 0.25 s
\({{\varvec{\tau}}}_{{\varvec{s}}}(\mathbf{I}\mathbf{L}\mathbf{S}\mathbf{A})\) Time of sampling using ILSA 52.64 (± 8.03) ms