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Table 1 The traits of lettuce leaves by manual measurements

From: Quantitative phenotyping and evaluation for lettuce leaves of multiple semantic components

Index Abbreviation Description Unit
1 BD_L Leaf length \(\mathrm{Pixel}\)
2 BD _W Leaf width \(\mathrm{Pixel}\)
3 MR_L Length of mid-rid vein \(\mathrm{Pixel}\)
4 PE_L Length of petiole \(\mathrm{Pixel}\)
5 AP_L Length from petiole to the apex \(\mathrm{Pixel}\)
6 LM_N_LT Number of left laminas  
7 LM_N_RT Number of right laminas  
8 LM_N Total number of laminas  
9 LM_Ave_ANG_LT Average vein angles of left-side leaf \(\mathrm{Degree }(^\circ )\)
10 LM_Ave_ANG_RT Average vein angles of right-side leaf \(\mathrm{Degree }(^\circ )\)
11 LM_Ave_ANG Average vein angles of the leaf \(\mathrm{Degree }(^\circ )\)