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Table 1 Details of leaf hairiness score, site, year and growth condition for each of the 27 genotypes used to create the dataset

From: HairNet: a deep learning model to score leaf hairiness, a key phenotype for cotton fibre yield, value and insect resistance

Genotype Score Year 19–20 (Y1) Year 20–21 (Y2)
Pink 1 X X X   
Red 1 X X X   
Azure 1    X X  
Charcoal 2    X X  
Scarlet 3    X X  
Indigo 3    X X  
Purple 3 X X X   X
White 3/4 X   X   X
Opal 3/4    X X  
Ebony 3/4    X X  
Bronze 3/4    X X  
Orange 4   X    X
Amber 4    X X  
Emerald 4    X X  
Copper 4    X X  
Yellow 4 X X X   X
Teal 4/4+    X X  
Beige 4/4+    X X  
Green 4/4+ X X X   X
Violet 4/4+    X X  
Crimson 4+    X X  
Cyan 4+    X X  
Blue 4+ X X X   X
Gray 4+ X X X   X
Turquoise 5    X X  
Brown 5+ X X X   X
Black 5+ X X X   
Number of genotypes   10 10 26 16 8
  1. GH glasshouse, FD field, N Narrabri, C Canberra