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Table 2 Lsmeans of AP@[.5:.95] score of the significant interactions for model updating, dataset x starting model and starting model x training set size

From: DeepCob: precise and high-throughput analysis of maize cob geometry using deep learning with an application in genebank phenomics

Dataset Starting model Lsmeans
ImgDiv Maize 75.40a
ImgCross Maize 71.04b
ImgCross COCO 62.74c
ImgDiv COCO 61.86c
Starting model Dataset Lsmeans
Maize 40 74.11a
Maize 50 74.06a
Maize 30 73.48a
Maize 10 72.40a
Maize 20 72.03a
COCO 50 67.54b
COCO 40 65.39b
COCO 20 61.71c
COCO 30 61.67c
COCO 10 55.19d
  1. Means sharing a common letter are not significantly different (p < 0.05)