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Table 2 Assignment of blind test spectra used to validate the DAPC model

From: Timber identification of Autranella, Baillonella and Tieghemella in the taxonomically challenging Sapotaceae family

Test samples Sample ID Class probability (%) Assigned class
A. congolensis Tw1765 75.19 A. congolensis
A. congolensis Tw5190 91.73 A. congolensis
B. toxisperma WFID-CBG0030 99.97 B. toxisperma
B. toxisperma WFID-YRNG838 100 B. toxisperma
B. toxisperma WFID-GRGY281 100 B. toxisperma
T. africana Tw22610 99.88 Tieghemella spp.
T. heckelii Tw26511 99.95 Tieghemella spp.
T. heckelii Tw64631 98.25 Tieghemella spp.