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Table 7 Correlation of the narrow and broad vegetation indices and the EW content (mg·dm−2)

From: High-resolution spectral information enables phenotyping of leaf epicuticular wax in wheat

Narrow vegetation indices Correlation coefficient (r) Broad vegetation indices Correlation coefficient (r)
Water index − 0.18ns Violet wavelength 0.64b
Photochemical reflectance index-1 − 0.57b Blue wavelength 0.63b
Photochemical reflectance index-2 0.41b Green wavelength 0.48b
Red-green index − 0.08ns Yellow wavelength 0.49b
Normalized difference water index − 0.45b Orange wavelength 0.52b
Carotenoids reflectance index-1 0.46b Red wavelenght 0.33a
Carotenoids reflectance index-2 − 0.67b Red-edge wavelenght − 0.006ns
Plant senescence reflectance index − 0.31a Near infrared 0.39b
Normalized pigment chlorophyll index − 0.44b Normalized difference vegetation index 0.08ns
Pigment specific simple ratio for chlorophyll-a − 0.57b Simple ratio index 0.11ns
Pigment specific simple ratio for chlorophyll-b − 0.55b Green normalized difference vegetation index − 0.34a
Anthocyanin reflectance index-1 − 0.52b Modified simple ratio 0.28a
Anthocyanin reflectance index-2 − 0.58b Renormalized difference vegetation index 0.31a
Structure insensitive pigment index-1 − 0.34b Red-green vegetation index − 0.57b
Structure insensitive pigment index-2 − 0.61b Ratio vegetation index − 0.08ns
   Difference vegetation index 0.37**
   Simple ratio and normalized difference vegetation index 0.33a
   Normalized difference vegetation index- Red-edge 0.42b
   Rededge chlorophyll index 0.43b
   Anthocyanin reflectance index-1 − 0.67b
   Modified Anthocyanins reflectance index − 0.45b
   Anthocyanin reflectance index-2 0.32a
  1. ns not significant; a and bSignificant at 5% and 1% probability, respectively