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Table 3 Comparison of the runtime of different GOMAP steps on PSC Bridges Cluster

From: Gene Ontology Meta Annotator for Plants (GOMAP)

Num Step Description Depends On Nodes B73v4 Mo17 PH207 W22
1 Sseqsim Runs sequence similarity steps NA 1 2h51m 2h45m 2h40m 3h41m
2 Domain\({}^{1}\) Run InterProScan5 NA 10 5h16m 4h40m 4h49m 4h51m
3 Mixmeth-blast\({}^{1}\) Run the BLAST step against UniProt NA 10 15h55m 14h54m 14h49m 15h51m
4 Fanngo Run FANN-GO NA 1 2h24m 4h20m 4h40m 4h49m
5 Mixmeth-preproc Convert output from UniProt BLAST and Run HMMER 3 1 4h30m 4h26m 3h16m 5h57m
6 Mixmeth Submit jobs to Argot2.5 webserver and Run PANNZER 5 1 2h40m 2h25m 2h20m 2h11m
7 Aggregate Combine all GO annotations, clean, and generate aggregate dataset 1,2,4,6 1 0h10m 0h10m 0h10m 0h10m
  1. \({}^{1}\)These steps have been parallelized to be run on MPI based HPC workload manager