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Table 1 Published wood image databases that have been used in CV-based wood identification studies

From: Computer vision-based wood identification and its expansion and contribution potentials in wood science: A review

Database Description Image type #SP/#IMG Accessibility Ref.
CAIRO Commercial hardwood species in Malaysia Stereo 37/3700 Inaccessible [82]
FRIM Commercial hardwood species in Malaysia Stereo 52/5200 Inaccessible [27]
LignoIndo Commercial hardwood species in Indonesia Stereo 809/4854 Inaccessible [83]
ZAFU WS 24 Wood species in Zhejiang A&F University Stereo 24/480 Inaccessible [68]
RMCA Commercial wood species in Central-Africa Micro 77/1221 Open [86]
XDD Major Fagaceae species in Japan Micro 18/2449 Open [88]
Lauraceae species in East Asia Micro 39/1658 Open [89]
WOOD-AUTH Wood species in Greece Macro 12/4272 Open [87]
UFPR Wood species in Brazil Macro 41/2942 Open [84]
Micro 112/2240 Open [85]
  1. Stereo stereogram, Micro micrograph, Macro macroscopic image, #SP number of species, #IMG number of images, Ref. reference