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Table 2 Parts list for cooling device and supporting equipment

From: A device for the controlled cooling and freezing of excised plant specimens during magnetic resonance imaging

Description Manufacturer/supplier Part #
Tubing Fisher Scientific Saint-Gobain 14-169-1J
Inner insulation Amazon (The Felt Store) F-INVNEOADH-1
Outer insulation Tundra 6XP068038
Neoprene sleeve Seattle Fabrics N3-2
Quick Connectors McMaster-Carr 9198T16, 9198T18
Pump Cole-Palmer Instruments Co EW-77910-40
Circulating bath Polyscience AD07R-40
Coolant Prestone AF2000
Sample plugs McMaster-Carr 9277K36 (e.g.)
Fluorinert (for sample chamber) 3 M FC-3283
Vacuum grease Variety Available N/A
10–32 Nylon Bolt McMaster-Carr 94320A430
Bolts 2 McMaster-Carr 95868A258
Small O-Ring McMaster-Carr 9452K17
Large O-Ring McMaster-Carr 1288N116
Device main body Custom N/A
Device cap Custom N/A
Sample holders Custom N/A
  1. Cooling device parts and accessories, including manufacturer/supplier and part number. Custom pieces were designed and 3D printed; design files are available for download (in STL format) at