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Table 1 Parameters using skewed-distribution analysis and the SPAD values

From: Skewed distribution of leaf color RGB model and application of skewed parameters in leaf color description model

Parameter 40 days 50 days 60 days 65 days
SPAD 25.02b 32.45c 25.56b 10.95a
RMean 98.64a 102.38b 121.78c 154.62d
RMedian 94.96a 104.88b 123.68c 158.68d
RMode 88.32a 118.02b 131.64c 170.62d
RSkewness 0.46d − 0.04c − 0.19b − 0.59a
RKurtosis 0.14b 0.26b − 0.07a 0.12b
GMean 126.58a 126.98a 138.96b 149.80c
GMedian 123.02a 130.26b 141.30c 153.14d
GMode 114.72a 137.50b 146.60c 163.82d
GSkewness 0.35d − 0.29c − 0.36b − 0.59a
GKurtosis 0.37b 0.43b 0.06a 0.51b
BMean 32.60a 37.34b 39.65b 44.82c
BMedian 21.92a 34.48b 36.54b 41.74c
BMode 12.32a 24.82b 27.14b 34.28c
BSkewness 1.83b 1.48a 1.65ab 2.10c
BKurtosis 3.70a 7.13b 8.85b 13.32c
YMean 107.47a 109.38a 122.49b 139.28c
YMedian 103.14a 111.88b 124.16c 142.30d
YMode 95.08a 118.38b 127.96c 152.66d
YSkewness 0.54d − 0.09c − 0.20b − 0.44a
YKurtosis 0.39b 0.42b 0.05a 0.44b
  1. The 20 parameters include the mean, median, mode, skewness and kurtosis with the red, green, and blue color channels as well as the gray-level images with MATLAB using 50 pieces of fully expanded tobacco leaves at 40, 50, 60 and 65 days, respectively. The SPAD values also come from the 50 leaves for each leaf age. Each leaf blade was measured at five points: one on the upper part, two at the middle part and two at petiole of both leaf sides. Values without a common letter are significantly different according to the Duncan test (p < 0.05)