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Table 1 Summary of the mean value (expectation) of the posterior distribution of all three parameters for all the compounds that were tested

From: Bayesian approach for analysis of time-to-event data in plant biology

Control water0.931.654.27
Control NaCl0.961.545.03
A water0.981.194.11
A NaCl0.980.934.78
B water0.972.333.52
B NaCl0.971.634.91
C water0.961.854.56
C NaCl0.971.224.61
D water0.992.013.95
D NaCl0.961.704.96
E water0.972.094.04
E NaCl0.971.994.77
F water0.972.114.31
F NaCl0.911.404.99
G Water0.981.814.07
G NaCl0.931.585.25
  1. The respective uncertainties are provided by the variance of the posterior distribution (see Fig. 2b for the uncertainty in parameter C)