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Table 2 Publicly available vector set to use this method

From: A high-throughput screening method to identify proteins involved in unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum in plants

NameBrief descriptionBacterial resistancePlant resistanceAddgene ID
pBIP1::eYFPUPR signaling reporter (upregulates eYFP expression under UPR conditions)SpectinomycinBasta135231
p35S::IRE1aConstitutive expression of IRE1a (induces UPR signaling)SpectinomycinBasta135232
p35S::HY5Constitutive expression of HY5 (downregulates UPR signaling)SpectinomycinBasta135233
p35S::mCh-HA-P2A-lifeact-mChConstitutive expression of 2 mCherry molecules (control plasmid)SpectinomycinHygromycin135234