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Table 1 Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different methods for the establishment of a split-root system available in the literature

From: Split-root systems: detailed methodology, alternative applications, and implications at leaf proteome level

Method Source Destructive procedure required? Technically challenging? Achievable in young seedlings? Applicable in Arabidopsis? Schematic representation of the technique
Splitting of the developed root system [9] No No No Yes
Splitting of newly forming lateral roots [5] No No Yes No
Cutting longitudinally and Splitting the main root [6] Yes Yes Yes No*
Inverted Y-grafting [11] Yes** Yes Yes Yes
Cutting the whole root, splitting the new roots [8] Yes No Yes Yes
  1. * Unless the researcher possesses surgeon-like skills
  2. ** Even though no part of the plant is removed, it requires making an incision on the root in order to insert the graft