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Table 6 Sources of male and female maize hybrids and inbred lines used in this study

From: Improving the sorting efficiency of maize haploid kernels using an NMR-based method with oil content double thresholds

No Parent Name Germplasm Type of material
M1 Male CAUHOI Inducer Inbred line with high oil
M2 Male CHOI2 Inducer Inbred line with high oil
M3 Male YHI-1 Inducer Common inbred line
M4 Male CAUHOI/CHOI2 Inducer Hybrid with high oil
G1 Female 4F1/Zheng 58 Lancaster/Reid Hybrid
G2 Female Mo17/L119A Lancaster/Tangsipingtou Hybrid
G3 Female Xun9058/Dan598 Reid/Lvdahonggu Hybrid
G4 Female Tie C8605 Reid Inbred line
G5 Female Zheng58 Reid Inbred line
G6 Female Lx9801 Tangsipingtou Inbred line
G7 Female K12 Tangsipingtou Inbred line
G8 Female Yuzi87-1 Subtropic group Inbred line
G9 Female P138 Subtropic group Inbred line
G10 Female Dan598 Lvdahonggu Inbred line
G11 Female Zheng22 Lvdahonggu Inbred line
G12 Female L217 Lancaster Inbred line