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Table 1 Efficiency and persistence of VIGS in A. majus

From: Rapid, high efficiency virus-mediated mutant complementation and gene silencing in Antirrhinum

Developmental stage Orientation of insert P value†
Sense Antisense
Metamer 3 48,96%* 48,96% 1.00
Metamer 6 27,54% 26,52% 0.89
Inflorescence 12,24% 11,22% 0.83
  1. Fifty A. majus plants were inoculated at the first leaf stage with TRV carrying AmPDS in either sense or antisense orientation. *The number and percentage of plants showing bleaching in metamer 3 or metamer 6 leaves or in the inflorescence (> metamer 10). Fisher’s Exact Test probabilities that the effects of antisense and sense orientations are not different