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Table 3 Compounds and concentrations added to interfere with the hormonal pathways to validate the method

From: Development of a novel and rapid phenotype-based screening method to assess rice seedling growth

Hormonal pathway Interfering compound Concentration
Auxin 2,4-D, IAA, NPA 1 µM
NAA 10 nM, 100 nM, 1 µM, 10 µM
Cytokinin Kinetin, 2iP, trans-zeatin 1 µM
Brassinosteroids Bikinin, brassinolide 1 µM
Gibberellic acid GA3 100 nM; 1 µM; 10 µM
Abscisic acid ABA 1 µM
Ethylene ACC, AgNO3 1 µM