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Table 2 Fractions of marine invertebrates, obtained from the MICL library

From: Development of a novel and rapid phenotype-based screening method to assess rice seedling growth

Assigned serial number Fraction code Species
1–4 PNG11-1-001 F1-4 Dysidea granulosa
5–8 PNG11-2-009 F1-4 Stylissa massa
9–12 PNG11-3-026 F1-4 Pipestela candelabra
13–16 PNG11-3-031 F1-4 Candidaspongia flabellata
17–20 PNG11-4-034 F1-4 Neamphius huxleyi
21 PNG11-5-044 F1 Agelas sp.
22–24 PNG11-5-045 F1-4 Carteriospongia lamellosa
25–28 PNG11-6-056 F1-4 Erythropodium sp.
29–32 PNG11-9-091 F1-4 Plakinastrella sp.
33–36 PNG11-9-096 F1-4 Verongida
37–40 PNG11-18-131 F1-4 Haliclona sp. red
  1. A total of 40 HP20 fractions were tested derived from 11 different marine invertebrates