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Table 2 Model statistics from previously reported GBS calibration models using vegetative tissue with modified PLS regression

From: Using Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to predict glucobrassicin concentrations in cabbage and brussels sprout leaf tissue

Citation Tissue Calibration Cross-validation
R2cala SECb R2CVc SD·SECV−1d Termse
[27] Broccoli floret NR 0.21 0.11 0.80 6
[28] Rapeseed leaf 0.50 0.59 0.41 1.29 3
[29] Broccoli floret 0.89 0.35 NR 2.10 7
[30] Chinese kale leaf NR NR 0.93 3.84 NR
  1. aCoefficient of determination of the calibration
  2. bStandard error of calibration
  3. cCoefficient of determination of the cross validation
  4. dRatio of the standard deviation of the reference data to the standard error of the cross validation
  5. eNumber of terms used in the model selected for cross-validation
  6. NR not reported