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Table 3 Comparison of equations used to calculate stalk flexural stiffness, stalk bending strength and bending stress for the traditional method and the new approach derived in this study

From: The effect of plant weight on estimations of stalk lodging resistance

  Traditional method New approach
Stalk flexural stiffness \(\frac{{M_{ext} }}{\delta }\) \(\frac{{M_{TOTAL} }}{\delta }\)
Stalk bending strength \({ \hbox{max} }\left( {M_{ext} } \right)\) \({ \hbox{max} }\left( {M_{TOTAL} } \right)\)
Bending stress \(\frac{{M_{ext} \left( {h_{p} } \right)}}{{S\left( {h_{p} } \right)}}\) \(\frac{{M_{TOTAL} \left( {h_{p} } \right)}}{{S\left( {h_{p} } \right)}}\)