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Table 2 Abbreviations

From: The effect of plant weight on estimations of stalk lodging resistance

Term Definition
δ Horizontal deflection (mm)
EI Flexural stiffness (Nmm2)
F Externally applied force (N)
fM Geometric coefficient for applied moments
fF Geometric coefficient for applied forces
h Height (mm)
L Location where loading is applied (mm)
M Externally applied moment (Nmm)
Mext Total moment induced from externally applied forces and moments (Nmm)
Mbody Total moment induced from self-loading (Nmm)
MTOTAL Total applied moment (sum of Mext and Mint) (Nmm)
S Section modulus (mm3)
w Weight (N)
W Weight-induced moment (Nmm)
σbending Bending stress (N/mm2)
Z Vertical position where deflection is being calculated (mm)