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Table 2 Summary of vegetation indices used in this study. Camera channels B: blue, G: green, R: red, RE: red-edge, and NIR: near-infrared

From: Machine learning for high-throughput field phenotyping and image processing provides insight into the association of above and below-ground traits in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Vegetation index Acronym Formula References
Normalized difference red-edge NDRE (NIR-Rededge)/(NIR + Rededge) [38]
Normalized difference vegetation index NDVI (NIR-Red)(NIR + Red) [39]
Green normalized difference vegetation index GNDVI (NIR-Green)/(NIR + Green) [40]
Blue normalized difference vegetation index BNDVI (NIR-Blue)/(NIR + Blue) [41]
Normalized difference vegetation index red-edge NDREI (Rededge-Red)/(Rededge + Red) [42]
Normalized pigment chlorophyll index NPCI (Rededge-Blue)/(Rededge + Blue) [43]
Green–red vegetation index GRVI (Green–Red)/(Green + Red) [17]
Normalized green–blue difference index NGBDI (Green–Blue)/(Green + Blue) [40]