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Table 1 Field experimental conditions and images acquisition

From: Machine learning for high-throughput field phenotyping and image processing provides insight into the association of above and below-ground traits in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Trial conditions and images acquisition Trial one (Dec. 2016–Nov. 2017) Trial two (Dec. 2017–Dec. 2018)
Irrigation  Surface irrigation  Drip irrigation
Soil type Clay loam Clay loam
Experimental design Split plot design  Randomized complete block design
No. of replication  3 4
Average annual precipitation (mm) 1435.10 1026.50
Average annual temperature (°C) 24.00 23.33
Total solar radiation (W/m2) 207.8 222.39
Average annual relative humidity (%) 81.30 78.90
Image acquisition Stages EL, LBK and DMA: EL, EBK, LBK and DMA
  1. The following definitions are related to cassava storage root development phases: Elongation (EL) stage is the initial growth phase of active fibrous root development. Early bulking (EBK) is the root differentiation (from fibrous and storage roots) phase, the beginning of storage root bulking and accumulation of assimilated reserves in the storage roots. Late bulking (LBK) stage is the rapid expansion and bulking of storage roots. Dry matter accumulation (DMA) stage is the starch accumulation in the storage roots