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Table 2 SSR markers used for cross-genus amplification in loquat

From: Molecular karyotypes of loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) aneuploids can be detected by using SSR markers combined with quantitative PCR irrespective of heterozygosity

SSR nameOriginReference
ssrEJ014, ssrEJ086, ssrEJ088, ssrEJ042, ssrEJ282, ssrEJ049, ssrEJ324, ssrEJ061, ssrEJ104, ssrEJ329b, ssrEJ037, ssrEJ066, ssrEJ056, ssrEJ046, ssrEJ012, ssrEJ271Loquat[35]
NB105a, NB103a, NB106a, NB101a, NB114a, NH033b, NH011b, NH026a, NH007b, NH024b, KA16Pear[36,37,38]
IPPN14, IPPN09Pear[39]
TsuENH094, TsuENH003, TsuENH184, TsuENH119, TsuENH174, TsuENH207, TsuENH229, TsuENH017, TsuENH074, TsuENH044, TsuENH069, TsuENH086, TsuENH067, TsuENH034, TsuENH005, TsuENH097, TsuENH009, TsuENH004, TsuENH093, TsuENH096, TsuENH031, TsuENH032, TsuENH007, TsuENH022, TsuENH042, TsuENH002, TsuENH028, TsuENH033, TsuENH080Pear[30]
CH05g08, CH02f06, CH03d10, CH04e12b, CH02b10, CH03d01, CH02c06, CH03b01, CH03g12, CH03g07, CH04g07, CH01d03, CH01d09, CH02h11a, CH01b12, CH03a09, CH04f04, CH04e03, CH02b12, CH04g09, CH03d07, CH03d12, CH04e05, CH05c02, CH01f09, CH01h10, CH05a02, CH05c07, CH01h02, CH05a03, CH01f03b, CH04c06, CH04f03, CH01f07a, CH02b03b, CH05h12, CH02d12, CH04a12, CH04d07, CH04h02, CH04d02, CH01f02, CH04g04, CH05d04, CH05g07, CH03c02, CH02e02, CH02g01, CH03a08, CH03h03, CH05h05, CH04f06, CH05g11, CH04c07, CH01d08, CH02e12, CH01a09, CH01e01, CH03g06, CH05d03, CH02c09, CH03h06, CH05g05, CH01f03a, CH05c06, CH02a03, CH05e04, CH02d10a, CH05a09, CH04b10, CH04f10, CH05a04, CH04c10, CH05g03, CH01h01, CH01c08, CH04g12, CH02h11b, CH05d11, MS14h03, MS06c09, MS06g03, MS14b04Apple[40]
AJ320188SSR, AT000400SSR, AT000174SSR, AU223657SSR, AU223548SSR, AY187627SSR, CN581493SSR, CN493139SSR, CN444542SSR, Hi02c07, Hi03e04, Hi07e08, Hi15h12, Hi04g11, Hi08a04, Hi03a03, Hi04a05, Hi05b02, Hi08h12, Hi04g05, Hi15a13, Hi22f06, Hi04e04, Hi07h02, Hi23d11b, U78949SSR, Z71980SSRApple[41]
NZ04f3, NZ02b1Apple[42]
NZmsCN879773, NZmsEB149808, NZmsEB177464, NZmsEB155242, NZmsEB134379, NZmsCN898349, NZmsCO754252, NZmsCN943067, NZmsEB137749, NZmsDR033893, NZmsEB111793, NZmsCN878021, NZmsEE663955Apple[43]
MEST012, MEST028, MEST067, MEST089, MEST095, MEST034, MEST063, MEST023, MEST038, MEST043, MEST011, MEST003, MEST041, MEST029, MEST069, MEST096, MEST091Apple[44]
BPPCT030, BPPCT008, BPPCT014, BPPCT006Peach[48]
  1. The stably amplified SSR markers are shown in bold and the SSR markers with polymorphisms are underlined