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Table 4 AE waveform parameters of AE signals collected with the software program AEwin, including their respective abbreviation and unit

From: X-ray microtomography and linear discriminant analysis enable detection of embolism-related acoustic emissions

AE parameter Abbreviation Unit
Rise time RISE µs
Counts from peak amplitude COUN
Wave energy ENER 10–14 V2 s
Duration from peak amplitude DURATION µs
Peak amplitude AMP dB
Absolute frequency AFRQ kHz
Root mean square voltage RMS µV
Average signal level ASL dB
Reverberation frequency RFRQ kHz
Initiation frequency IFRQ kHz
Signal strength SIGSTRNGTH 10–9 V s
Absolute energy ABSENERGY aJ
Partial power 0–100 kHz FREQPP1 %
Partial power 100–200 kHz FREQPP2 %
Partial power 200–400 kHz FREQPP3 %
Partial power 400–800 kHz FREQPP4 %
Frequency centroid FRQC kHz
Peak frequency PFRQ kHz