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Table 4 AE waveform parameters of AE signals collected with the software program AEwin, including their respective abbreviation and unit

From: X-ray microtomography and linear discriminant analysis enable detection of embolism-related acoustic emissions

AE parameterAbbreviationUnit
Rise timeRISEµs
Counts from peak amplitudeCOUN
Wave energyENER10–14 V2 s
Duration from peak amplitudeDURATIONµs
Peak amplitudeAMPdB
Absolute frequencyAFRQkHz
Root mean square voltageRMSµV
Average signal levelASLdB
Reverberation frequencyRFRQkHz
Initiation frequencyIFRQkHz
Signal strengthSIGSTRNGTH10–9 V s
Absolute energyABSENERGYaJ
Partial power 0–100 kHzFREQPP1%
Partial power 100–200 kHzFREQPP2%
Partial power 200–400 kHzFREQPP3%
Partial power 400–800 kHzFREQPP4%
Frequency centroidFRQCkHz
Peak frequencyPFRQkHz