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Table 3 Vulnerability-to-cavitation values for F. excelsior L. derived from the acoustic vulnerability curve (VCAE) of sensor AE1, the embolism-related VC (VCAE-E) based on LDA and the X-ray computed microtomography VC (VCCT)

From: X-ray microtomography and linear discriminant analysis enable detection of embolism-related acoustic emissions

Vulnerability value (MPa)VCAE AE1VCAE-EVCCT
AE12/CT12− 1.02− 1.03− 1.13
AE50/CT50− 2.30− 2.37− 2.34
AE88/CT88− 4.32− 4.61− 4.82
  1. Water potential at 12, 50 and 88% cumulative acoustic emissions (AE12, AE50 and AE88), and 12, 50 and 88% µCT detected embolism formation (CT12, CT50 and CT88) for F. excelsior L. of sensor AE1, LDA and µCT