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Table 1 Vulnerability to drought-induced embolism values in F. excelsior L. derived from the acoustic vulnerability curve (VCAE) measured with sensor AE1 and sensor AE2

From: X-ray microtomography and linear discriminant analysis enable detection of embolism-related acoustic emissions

Vulnerability value (MPa)AE1AE2
AE12− 1.02− 0.88
AE50− 2.30− 1.73
AE88− 4.32− 3.98
AE100− 5.62− 5.62
  1. Water potential at 12, 50, 88 and 100% cumulative acoustic emissions in F. excelsior L. (AE12, AE50, AE88, AE100) of sensor AE1 and sensor AE2