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Table 7 Vigor of Z. japonica seeds maintained at − 5 °C

From: Optimal long-term seed storage conditions for the endangered seagrass Zostera japonica: implications for habitat conservation and restoration

Storage time (days)Storage conditionSeed germination percentage (%)
1Dry31.3 ± 13.8*a
 Seawater5.0 ± 4.1a
3Dry1.3 ± 2.5b
 Seawater6.3 ± 6.3a
7Dry0.0 ± 0.0b
 Seawater0.0 ± 0.0a
  1. * Indicates significant difference between two different storage conditions (dry and under seawater) under the same storage time
  2. Different letters indicate significant difference between different storage times under the same storage conditions