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Table 1 Correlation of the four (three for O. sativa) developmental stages of species used in this study with floral developmental stages described elsewhere

From: A protocol for laser microdissection (LMD) followed by transcriptome analysis of plant reproductive tissue in phylogenetically distant angiosperms

 Stage 1: carpel initiationStage 2: elongation of carpel wallsStage 3: during meiosisStage 4: after meiosisSource
E. californica0.39–0.65 mm BD: stage 5, carpel initiation1.65–2.25 mm BD: stage 6, microsporangia initiate2.3–2.8 mm BD: stage 8: male meiosis3.5–5.5 mm BD: stage 9, female meiosisBecker [12]
A. thaliana0.3 mm BL: stage 5, sepals enclose bud0.4 mm BL: stage 9, petal primordia stalked at base0.5 mm BL: stage 11, stigmatic papillae appear0.7–1 mm BL: stage 12, petals level with long stamensSmyth et al. [13];
Armstrong and Jones [14]
O. sativa0.9–1.5 mm IL: stage 6, differentiation of glumes1.5–40 mm IL: stage 7, differentiation of floral organs40–220 mm IL: stage 8. rapid elongation of rachis and branchesIkeda et al. [15]
  1. BD bud diameter, BL bud length, IL inflorescence length