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Table 4 15N enrichment and root depth of different genotypes

From: Testing deep placement of an 15N tracer as a method for in situ deep root phenotyping of wheat, barley and ryegrass

ExpSpeciesGenotypeRoot depth (m)15N enrichment (mg m−1)
0.98 m soil depth1.50 m soil depth2.02 m soil depth2.54 m soil depth
1Winter wheatHystar1.64 a2.84 a2.24 a0.12 a0.08 a
Tabasco1.68 a2.64 a2.38 a0.19 a0.07 a
ExpSpeciesGenotypeRoot depth (m)0.67 m soil depth0.95 m soil depth1.23 m soil depth1.52 m soil depth
2Spring barleyEvelina1.23 a2.59 a2.47 a2.07 a1.73 a
Laurikka1.24 a3.42 a3.39 a4.42 a2.57 a
ExpSpeciesGenotypeRoot depth (m)1.09 m soil depth1.52 m soil depth1.96 m soil depth2.39 m soil depth
3Spring barleyLaurikka1.21 b2.62 ab0.55 a0.09 ab0.10 ab
Kenia1.26 ab1.88 ab0.36 a0.09 b0.08 b
Evergreen1.29 ab1.23 b0.55 a0.11 a0.10 a
Evelina1.32 ab2.49 ab0.58 a0.10 ab0.11 a
Invictus1.34 ab1.87 ab0.48 a0.11 ab0.10 a
Prisma1.42 ab3.09 a0.96 a0.10 ab0.10 a
Tocada1.48 a2.05 ab1.19 a0.11 a0.11 a
ExpSpeciesGenotypeRoot depth (m)15N enrichment (atom% excess)
0.67 m soil depth0.95 m soil depth1.23 m soil depth1.52 m soil depth
4RyegrassMercitwo 2 N1.12 a0.11 a0.13 b0.07 a0.01 a
Tetrastar 4 N1.13 a0.16 a0.17 b0.05 a0.01 a
Esquire 2 N1.14 a0.15 a0.10 b0.02 a0.01 a
Fabian 4 N1.16 a0.17 a0.41 a0.04 a0.03 a
  1. 15N enrichment was measured at four soil depths from four intervals (i.e., 0.87–1.08 m, 1.39–1.61 m, 1.91–2.13 m, and 2.44–2.65 m in Exp. 1, 0.53–0.81 m, 0.81–1.09 m, 1.09–1.37 m, and 1.37–1.66 m in Exp. 2 and Exp. 4, and 0.87–1.30 m, 1.30–1.74 m, 1.74–2.17 m and 2.17–2.61 m in Exp. 3). Root images were taken by minirhizotron camera on 18 May in Exp. 1 and 3 June in Exp. 2 in 2016, and 21 June in Exp. 3 and 23 May in Exp. 4 in 2017. Root depth was defined as the deepest soil depth in these images where the roots were observed. Different lowercase letters indicated significant genotypic differences at P < 0.05