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Table 6 Summary of data annotation and partitioning for the combined datasets

From: DeepSeedling: deep convolutional network and Kalman filter for plant seedling detection and counting in the field

Total number of images4099371534065610
Number of training images3404305428564657
Number of validation images695661550477
Number of testing imagesN/AN/AN/A476
Total number of annotations (plant seedling/weed)29739 (27997/1742)27809 (27025/794)13696 (12736/960)35597 (33862/1735)
Number of training annotations (plant seedling/weed)24466 (23035/1431)22805 (22154/661)11388 (10606/782)29325 (27895/1430)
Number of validation annotations (plant seedling/weed)5273 (4962/311)5004 (4871/133)2308 (2130/178)3147 (3004/143)
Number of testing annotations (plant seedling/weed)N/AN/AN/A3125 (2963/162)