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Fig. 6

From: Nourseothricin N-acetyl transferase (NAT), a new selectable marker for nuclear gene expression in Chlamydomonas

Fig. 6

Fusion of IFT54-HA to NAT and FMDV 2A for cell transformation. a Schematic representation of the construct used to drive NAT-2A-IFT54-HA fusion protein expression. b Immunoblot analysis of IFT54-HA expression in transformants from the fusion construct mediated transformation. Cell lysates from WT, ift54 and the transformants were subjected to immunoblotting with IFT54 and CDPK3 antibodies. CDPK3 was used as a loading control. *Denotes a band in each lane that reacts non-specifically. Please note, the predicted fusion protein NAT-FMDV 2A–IFT54-HA was cleaved in the cell to generate IFT54-HA

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