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Table 2 Feature extraction technique for all three leaves

From: Machine learning driven non-invasive approach of water content estimation in living plant leaves using terahertz waves

Time domain (statistical features)Serial no.Frequency domain featuresSerial no.Time–frequency domainSerial no.
No. of features11No. of features10No. of features(4)
Mean1CPSD (D = 20)12Subband122
Variance2CPSD (D = 40)13Subband223
(MAD)3CPSD (D = 60)14Subband324
Skewness4CPSD (D = 80)15Subband425
Kurtosis5CPSD(D = 100)16  
Standard deviation6PSD (D = 20)17  
MAV7PSD (D = 40)18  
75th (Q3)8PSD (D = 60)19  
25th (Q1)9PSD (D = 80)20  
PCC10PSD (D = 100)21