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Table 2 Progeny row selection categories choosing the ten top-ranked lines for advanced yield trials (AYT)

From: Improving the efficiency of soybean breeding with high-throughput canopy phenotyping

AYT early 2017AYT late 2017RankAYT early 2018AYT late 2018
Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC1YieldYield, Yield|ACC
Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC2Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC
ACC, YieldACC, Yield|ACC3YieldYield, Yield|ACC
Yield, Yield|ACCACC4Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC
ACC, YieldYield|ACC5YieldYield
Yield|ACCACC, Yield, Yield|ACC6ACC, YieldYield, Yield|ACC
Yield, Yield|ACCACC, Yield, Yield|ACC7ACCYield, Yield|ACC
Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC8Yield, Yield|ACCYield
ACC, Yield, Yield|ACCACC, Yield|ACC9Yield, Yield|ACCYield|ACC
Yield, Yield|ACCYield10Yield|ACCYield|ACC
  1. Average canopy coverage (ACC), yield given ACC (Yield|ACC)