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Table 1 Techniques used for subcellular isolation in plant proteomic studies

From: Proteomics: a powerful tool to study plant responses to biotic stress

Subcellular organelles/proteome Techniques Plant/organ References
Cell wall proteins Extracted procedure using sequentially CaCl2, EGTA and LiCl-complemented buffers Medicago sativa/Stems [20]
Apoplastic fluid Vacuum infiltration-centrifugation Gossypium barbadense/Root [21]
Plasma membrane Two-phase partitioning combined with free-flow electrophoresis Arabidopsis/Seedlings [19]
Mitochondria Centrifugation and layered in a Percoll density gradient Solanum tuberosum/Tuber [22]
Centrifugation combined with one-dimensional blue native polyacrylamide gelelectrophoresis Arabidopsis/leaf [23]
Chloroplasts Homogenisation in sorbitol-based isolation medium with blender and centrifugation Malus domestica/in vitro material [24]
Nucleus Flow cytometric sorting with a mild formaldehyde-based fixation Hordeum vulgare/Root [25]
Ribosome Asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation Nicotiana benthamiana/transgenic lines [26]