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Table 1 Effects of promoter driving hygromycin selection and plasmid backbone on transformation efficiency

From: An efficient and reproducible Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method for hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

BackBonePromoter driving the selectable marker geneNumber of inoculated IENumber of independent transgenic plantsTransformation efficiency (%)
pGGGAct Hyg Intron150149
pGGGAct Hyg Intron1752715
pGGGAct Hyg Intron1604025
pGGGAct Hyg Intron1001818
pGGGAct Hyg Intron25520
pGGGAct Hyg Intron25624
pGGGAct Hyg Intron801924
pGGGAct Hyg Intron175127
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1001515
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1001212
pAGMAct Hyg Intron10055
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1001414
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1002424
pAGMAct Hyg Intron200147
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1252117
pAGMAct Hyg Intron150139
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1501611
pAGMAct Hyg Intron801823
pAGMAct Hyg Intron150117
pAGMAct Hyg Intron125119
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1501510
pAGMAct Hyg Intron150107
pAGMAct Hyg Intron1001111
pBract35S Hyg Intron8045
pBract35S Hyg Intron150107
pBract35S Hyg Intron10055
pBract35S Hyg Intron10055
pBract35S Hyg Intron10055