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Table 3 Evaluation of editing accuracy for TaABCC6 and TaNFXL1 using homoeologs with perfect match (A) or mismatched bases (B) to the sgRNA

From: An optimised CRISPR/Cas9 protocol to create targeted mutations in homoeologous genes and an efficient genotyping protocol to identify edited events in wheat

GeneOn-target gene IDaTotal mapped readsbReads with modificationsEditing frequencyc 
TaNFXL1 (edited by crCas9)TraesCS7A01G518800178029416.50 
TaNFXL1 (edited by pcoCas9)TraesCS7A01G518800347935710.3 
GeneOff-target Gene IDaTotal mapped readsbReads with modificationsEditing frequencyc
Edited by crCas9Edited by pcoCas9
TraesCS2A01G4515001722N/A0< 0.06
TraesCS2D01G4513001987N/A0< 0.05
TaNFXL1TraesCS7D01G688900LC262128870< 0.04
  1. N/A not applicable
  2. aOnly genes for which a specific fragment was PCR-amplified and sequenced are presented here. See Additional file 1 for more details
  3. bThe number of reads mapping perfectly to the corresponding target or off-target sequence
  4. cEditing frequency (%) = (reads with modification/(mapped reads + reads with modification)) × 100