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Table 4 Candidate genes for water use efficiency (WUE) identified through SEM-GWAS

From: Utilizing trait networks and structural equation models as tools to interpret multi-trait genome-wide association studies

Gene ID Chr BP SNP Rice Annotation Putative Function Reference
LOC_Os01g11150 1 5,968,819 SNP-1.5964363. GA2OX7 GA catabolism [47]
LOC_Os01g11054 1 5,899,555 SNP-1.5964363. OsPPC4 Growth, NH\(_4^+\) assimilation [65]
LOC_Os06g43660 6 26,272,897 SNP-6.26293126. OVP1 Plant growth [49]
  1. Chr: chromosome; BP: gene position in base pairs; GA: gibberellic acid