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Table 1 Technical overview of 3D measuring methods

From: Measuring crops in 3D: using geometry for plant phenotyping

Name Abbr. Resolution Active illumination Direct point cloud access Output values Price Literature
Laser triangulation LT < mm Yes Yes XYZ (I) €€€ [10, 26]
Structured light approaches SL < mm Yes No XYZI (RGB) €€ [18, 27]
Structure from motion SfM mm No No XYZRGB [17, 28]
Time of flight ToF mm Yes Yes XYZ (I) €€ [29, 30]
Light field measuring LF mm No No XYZRGB €€€ [31, 32]
Terrestrial laserscanning TLS cm Yes Yes XYZ (I/RGB) €€€ [33, 34]
  1. The differences in illumination, direct or needed postprocessing, pricing and resulting values is given. Pricing is encoded by € < 1000 Euro, €€ < 10,000 Euro and €€€ > 10,000 Euro. The output values show XYZ coordinates and a possible enrichment with I for intensity/reflectance or RGB for a Red-Green-Blue image combination