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Table 2 Obese mouse and rat models used in T2DM research

From: Understanding glycaemic control and current approaches for screening antidiabetic natural products from evidence-based medicinal plants

Model Polygenic Monogenic References
 db/db mouse   [93]
 KK (Kuo Kundo) mouse   [86, 94]
 KK AY (KK yellow obese) mouse   [92]
 M16 mouse   [86, 95]
 Nagoya-Shibata-Yasuda (NSY) mouse   [96]
 New Zealand Obese (NZO) mouse   [86]
 ob/ob mouse   [93]
 Tsumura Suzuki obese diabetes (TSOD) mouse   [97, 98]
 JCR/LA-cp (James C Russell/LA corpulent) rat   [86]
 Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fat (OLETF) rat   [90]
 Spontaneously hypertensive rat/NIH-corpulent (SHR/N-cp) rat   [86]
 Zucker Diabetic Fatty (ZDF) rat   [86]
 Zucker fa/fa rat   [86]
 Zucker Fatty Diabetes Mellitus (ZFDM) rat   [99]