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Fig. 2

From: A rapid preparation procedure for laser microdissection-mediated harvest of plant tissues for gene expression analysis

Fig. 2

Effects of tissue quantity harvested by LM on RNA yield and integrity. a Surfaces of representative collection tube caps after harvest of 1 mm2, 3 mm2 and 6 mm2 total surface areas of C. reflexa tissue (scale bars = 150 µm). b Yields and respective RNA quality indicators (RQIs) of RNA isolated from 1 mm2 (white circles), 3 mm2 (grey circles) and 6 mm2 [black circles and triangles (acetone-fixed)] total surface areas. c Example gel pictures displaying RNA isolates with RQI = 3 and RQI = 8. d Average RNA yields and frequencies of samples showing high RNA quality (RQI > 7)

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