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Fig. 4

From: Heterologous overexpression, purification and functional analysis of plant cellulose synthase from green bamboo

Fig. 4

Overview of BoCesA protein purification. a Coomassie blue staining during each purification procedure of MBP-BoCesA5. S supernatant after ultracentrifugation, P pellet of cell debris, M membrane solution, FT flow through of membrane solution in column binding stage, MBP-BoCesA5 BoCesA5 with MBP fusion tag (+ TEV: MBP fusion tag cleavage), BoCesA5 fusion tag removed BoCesA5. b Overview of MBP-BoCesA protein purification. The nickel column-purified MBP-BoCesA protein was concentrated to 1.7 mg/mL (10 µM). c Overview of MBP-BoCesA protein with TEV protease treatment. MBP-BoCesA could be separated into BoCesA (120 kDa) and MBP (49 kDa) by TEV protease treatment. d Overview of BoCesA protein recovery via size exclusion chromatography from Fig. 6. BoCesA recovered from fractions 8–12 was concentrated to ~ 1.2 mg/mL (10 µM). The degradation of BoCesA5(Δ) was identified by western blot in Additional file 3: Figure S3

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