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Fig. 3

From: An in vitro protocol for rapidly assessing the effects of antimicrobial compounds on the unculturable bacterial plant pathogen, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus

Fig. 3

Dose response curve to Triton-X 100 positive control and comparison to other cell lysis methods. a, b CLas containing ACP homogenate was treated with a serial dilution of the detergent Triton-X 100 (1–0.001%) or a control of sterile water (0%) for 4 h. Ct values for v-qPCR from each combination of treatments shown in a as the average of six replicates. Relative quantification of cells under each treatment compared to the untreated control and ΔCt in PMAxx averages is shown in b. CLas cells in homogenate were also heat stressed for 15 min @ 95 °C or subjected to three rounds of freezing on liquid nitrogen followed by thawing in a 37 °C water bath. c is a comparison between the v-qPCR Ct values for each treatment compared to 4 h of 0.1% Triton-X 100. Each treatment is paired with a non-treatment control; Triton-X 100 with water and each temperature stress to an identical time period @ 25 °C. All three cell lysis treatments (marked with “*”) were statistically different than the paired control (P < 0.05)

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