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Fig. 7

From: Regeneration and transient gene expression in protoplasts of Draparnaldia (chlorophytes), an emerging model for comparative analyses with basal streptophytes

Fig. 7

Two modes of Draparnaldia protoplast regeneration. aj Differentiation into zoospores and regeneration. a Protoplast. b Protoplast with eyespot. c Zoospore. d Attached zoospore. ei Germination and formation of the Upright System (US) with branching and the Prostrate System (PS). j Mature alga. k–r Direct regeneration. k Protoplast. lq Germination and formation of the Upright System (US) and the Prostrate System (PS). r Mature alga. B branching, DG dead germling, E eyespot, F flagellum, N nucleus, P pyrenoid, PM plasma membrane, PS and dashed line prostrate system, US upright system, ZF zoospore formation. Scale bar: ah, kp = 10 μm; q = 20 μm; i, j, r = 40 μm

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