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Fig. 3

From: Regeneration and transient gene expression in protoplasts of Draparnaldia (chlorophytes), an emerging model for comparative analyses with basal streptophytes

Fig. 3

Modification of the Chlamydomonas expression plasmid pChlamy_4. a Purified pChlamy_4 was restriction digested with BamHI and KpnI followed by removal of overhangs with mungbean nuclease. A Gateway cassette was then ligated in frame with the self-cleaving FMDV 2a polyprotein linker to produce pChlamy_4_DEST. b eYFP was PCR amplified from pSAT6-eYFP-N1 using directional primers containing flanking attB sites and inserted into pDONR/Zeo. eYFP has not been codon optimized for Chlamydomonas. A LR recombination was performed with pDONR/Zeo-eYFP to create pChlamy_4_YFP

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